Thursday, March 8, 2012

This is getting ridiculous!!!

Seriously, when do these parents plan on doing something good for a change!! Instead of doing what they need to do for our school, they went out and got MORE PETITIONS signed!! Ok, guess what? We have more rescissions!! People ARE PISSED. They feel lied to and betrayed! Again, they state every petition signer knew what they were signing. THEN WHY DID WE GET SO MANY STATEMENTS stating THEY NEVER ONCE TOLD ME I WAS SIGNING A PETITION FOR A CHARTER, ONLY SOMETHING TO MAKE THE SCHOOL BETTER.. You want to hear something interesting... Many of their "stories" about what has happened at our school sounds A LOT like the same stories that came out of Compton. Is it ironic that we had many new students at our school from Compton? I think not, but that's just me. This all started at the end of the last school year so I am not surprised that some Compton parents are a part of this.

I have been at our school since 2008 and most of these parents saying they want change haven't even been here ONE FULL SCHOOL YEAR!! They ask how we got so many rescissions in so little time... GUESS WHAT.... PEOPLE HATE BEING LIED TO!!! One parent I spoke with last night explained to me how she wanted to sign a rescission after learning from her next-door-neighbor that she had signed a petition to turn the school into a charter. She says to me I feel stupid for believing what they told me. They said they wanted to make changes like more computers and tv's because the teachers had to share them, etc... They never once said it was for a charter school. So manipulations like this, how can ANY petition be considered valid? This is from a parent not afraid to speak up, imagine the ones that were offered bribes of citizenship to sign. I wish we could get our parents to speak out against this injustice! THEY will do everything they can to get what they want, they have proved that with the way they ran their campaign.... We don't want a charter school, but we will sue if you don't give us one... Hmmmmm, wonder why people question their motives. They never even tried to get the first one pushed through... They believe it's because their legal advised them it was a strategic move because of time contraints, but I believe it's a MUCH BIGGER AGENDA to privatize education and make money off our poor communities... what time contstraints? The ones that would let them open Desert Trails Academy THIS YEAR (the website says: "Desert Trails Academy ("DTA") intends to open in September 2012 with approximately 668 students..."). That number is WAY exaggerated. They are ASSUMING ALL WILL RETURN!!! None of the parents opposed to this will be there and MANY who signed rescissions have stated they don't want to be around "these people" who did this to our community and will transfer their kids to ANOTHER SCHOOL IN THE DISTRICT... So this number is GREATLY exaggerated.

Holy Moly I just had Deja Vu.... Lol, well as usual, I won't allow ANYONE to stop me in doing what is right. Last nights' meeting with Mr. Mobley was productive and we can't wait to get started on real changes at our school with people who WANT to make them. They will claim that if they hadn't ran their campaign changes would not have been made, but that IS SO UNTRUE! The truth is there were things in play, before all this started, to better the school. If these parents had put as much effort into helping our school as they have into their charter school takeover, maybe our API would not have stayed low for so long...

Riddle me this: Our last principal, Larry Lewis, (who sits on the board of Kids First) said this (as reported in the Washington Post on March 5th) “Adelanto is known as the armpit of the high desert,” said Lewis, who resigned in October for health reasons. “And Desert Trails is the armpit of Adelanto.” Wow, this is a person who RAN OUR SCHOOL!!! I thought he wanted good for our school, but its very clear he sees us as lowlifes!!! How sad that our school had someone with this mentality. No wonder our school has had 3 principals. One who didn't care about anything and another who saw us like this! What REAL good was he trying to do... Or was he just preparing for this? I say this... Know why? Because at almost EVERY Coffee with the Principal he talked about charter schools and how our district could turn our school into one if they wanted to. I kept asking, why are we talking about charters instead of how we are going to raise our API and give these kids the school and education they deserve?!

And I'm not speaking of mine because my son is Top 5 in his GATE projects class, had the highest selling App in his class and is getting at least one award today. My daughter is way ahead in second grade. Her math teacher has told us how impressed she is that when she started her class she already knew multiplication. She received two awards the other day.. One for Language Arts and the other in Math. We are teaching her how to read cursive now so she gets used to seeing the letters.

So what can we do as parents to help our kids.... VOLUNTEER!!! I've been doing this since my son was in preschool. Why is it so complicated? If you take an active part in your childs school, THEY see the importance of education. Most schools that have active parent volunteers do well. When the parents support the teachers and the school, real changes get made. Now that parents are working with the school we can do what is necessary to improve. Our principal is FANTASTIC and hope he gets the opportunity to do what he wants. That is if the parents don't stop him. With them looking for a Founding Principal of their new academy, looks like he may not. Yet another hinderance in improving our school... THE RIGHT WAY.

Ok, gotta get back to "work".. Funny thing, a parent asked me yesterday if I worked for the school. I said I work for the school every day, I just don't get paid for it... Lol. When a Parent Revolution parent attacked us and insinuated what we are doing is wrong I stated "I know what goes on here... I volunteer at the school 4 days a week." She said "Do you work?" and I said "No, I do not." She replied, "Well then you should be here 5 days." REALLY!! I NEVER SEE YOU AT ANY SCHOOL FUNCTION, IN YOUR KIDS CLASS, IN PTA MEETINGS, SCHOOL MEETINGS OR DOING ANYTHING AT ALL TO HELP OUR KIDS and you have the nerve to stand there and tell me I'M NOT DOING ENOUGH!!! I am running the Journalism Department at our school, teaching the kids how to create a yearbook (which THEY are creating, NOT I) and you think I DON'T DO ENOUGH!!! Take a look at the parents running YOUR GROUP... They say they CAN'T VOLUNTEER, I still have not received an answer from them as to why.. Other than "we can't be on campus because we can't bring our younger ones on campus" So you can watch each others kids to harass the crap out of the parents, but can't do it so you can be in your kids classes to help educate them!?! Wow!!! Just to prove a point I'm going to throw this in there... MY HUSBAND JUST GOT PROMOTED TO MANAGER AT HIS COMPANY AND HE HAS VOLUNTEERED MORE HOURS THAN ALL OF THESE PARENTS DOING THIS.. He went through the process, as he has every year, to get approved, requested a morning off to get his Live Scan and is at his kids school as much as he can be. He was with me all morning yesterday helping me with yearbook and volunteering in our kids classes. Even when the teachers don't have much for me to do, I still sit and observe!! If my husband, who has no set schedule, but works days, nights, afternoons and from his cell phone all day, can spend his spare time doing what he needs to for our kids... WHY CAN'T THEY!!!

Ok, I really gotta get going now. My poor hubby just got home and he's ironing the kids clothes so I can' wrap this up... Then we have to get ready to go watch our baby boy get an award... as well as take pictures of the assembly for the yearbook! Enjoy your day!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Why isn't anyone checking their facts!!!???

So I ran across LA Weekly Blogs and read a blog by Simone Wilson regarding our school. It made me so sick to my stomach!!! Funny because P Rev parents ran to media as soon as they could and we sat there and discussed our next step. If people had any idea what they were talking about, they would stop saying we don't want change and are puppets for the teachers. Who the heck are these people and how do they think they can be considered real journalists when they are so one-sided? Wait.... that may just be me assuming they're trying to be journalists at all... Hmmm, well if not then ignore the rest of this post... lol.... We had to be pulled out of the board meeting for an interview with Channel 11 and even then it seemed mostly one-sided also. It's been crazy how media hungry these parents are. So much so that they stayed late to do TV interviews. Who are these kids they're putting first? I know it's not their own. Who has their kids at a board meeting until almost 11 pm on a school night? We didn't. Our kids were in bed by their bedtime and it was my sons birthday. If anyone had an excuse to let their kid stay up late, it was me!!!! Why weren't these kids in bed on time? Or is this their regular bedtime? It's RIDICULOUS that they keep saying KIDS FIRST and I will quote Jermaine Wright... "I JUST DON'T SEE IT"!!!!!! Well, I haven't seen it for 4 years now!!!

Yet again I read Doreen praising herself for how hard she tried to work with and through the PTA and how she was "SHUNNED for trying to get involved" Are you EFFING KIDDING ME!!!! Oh my goodness, if they were't throwing LAWYERS in everyone's faces I would say A LOT MORE ABOUT DOREEN DIAZ, but I can't afford to be sued... I don't have a pro bono lawyer to sue people for me.

Now parents are asking me questions like "are they supposed to be calling me" and I tell them, they can do whatever they want, just be honest with them. Others are saying "They're harassing me to ask me if I was harassed by you"... LMAO!!!! Let's harass the parents some more. It took them months?? She is putting us down because we work smart and fast!!!!! Maybe if they had held even ONE public meeting THEY could have gotten more signatures, but the whole point of their petition campaign was to be secretive and NOT HAVE TO ANSWER REAL QUESTIONS!!! We were able to get so many because we HELD THREE PUBLIC MEETINGS!!! They should know, they sent their spy. HILARIOUS that they thought we didn't know. She gave herself away, repeatedly. Why do they think I'm dumb? I have a MUCH HIGHER EDUCATION than them and I CAN ACTUALLY THINK FOR MYSELF!!! UGH!!!!!! It's funny how they think I CAN'T THINK FOR MYSELF and they say the CTA doesn't have the balls to sign their name to anything. Idiots.... I MADE THOSE FLYERS.... ASK THE GIRLS AT OFFICE MAX... WHO CAME TO KNOW ME VERY WELL!! Ask my homies at the Donut Shop how I would tell them about my missions to tell "the parents" the facts about what was going on.

Yes, I'm sure the CTA has their own reasons for wanting this law gone, but who gives a shit. I told them from day one I could care less what they wanted. I wanted one thing and one thing only.... To NOT GIVE OUR SCHOOL OVER TO THESE PEOPLE. If I thought for ONE SECOND any of those parents on the "steering commmittee" knew wtf they were talking about I wouldn't have opposed it so as much as I did. But I knew from that VERY FIRST MEETING I attended that they WERE LYING TO PARENTS. Ask Cynthia Ramirez.... she can tell you I have been against what they were doing from DAY ONE!!! It's why I NEVER attended another meeting. Even I didn't know they were getting parents to sign a charter petition. A close friend of mine even told me they told her they weren't trying to get a charter, so I didn't think anything of it. Then I find out THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THEY WERE TRYING TO DO... BULLY THE DISTRICT INTO GIVING IN TO THEIR DEMANDS OR THEY WOULD TAKE IT ANY WAY THEY COULD. That's NOT what our parents wanted and Melody Medrano herself said WE DO NOT WANT A CHARTER. She should be THANKING the district for their decision. They didn't get a charter. Now they're saying they will sue to get one?!!! WTF!!!??? She stated their LEGAL TEAM told them to use the charter petition (in my words now .... TO BULLY) the district into giving them the school. None of what they did said We want improvements and I'm glad Mr. Wright told them... "THIS IS ABOUT POWER"!!!!! That's all it is.

In Melody's script it said (well lets paraphrase what she said instead...) We may be getting help from Parent Revolution, but do not think we are the same WTF... Seriously!!!! HAVE YOU LOOKED AT YOUR OWN LOGO!!!! Is it, or is it not, a COYOTE WITH THE PARENT REVOLUTION LOGO OVER IT!!!!?????? HOW ARE YOU NOT THE SAME???!!!

Look, as far as I'm concerned they can stick M80s up their butts and I could care less.... just get over yourselves already and do what you said you were going to do... WORK TO MAKE OUR SCHOOL BETTER. I don't understand how the DT Parents Union thinks suing our district and taking even more away from our children is putting KIDS FIRST. Well Doreen did make it clear once... Again going to paraphrase because I could care less what she says, much less try to remember word for word... But she stated this... Why shouldn't my kids get free stuff? I spend a lot of time at the school
Gonna finish it up wih a little known fact... So Doreen and the DTPU want more aides on campus for our childrens security, right? So WHY did she vote AGAINST hiring a new one when it was suggested at the school site council meeting? I believe it was suggested by Mr. Mobley... They say they want change, but when presented with the changes they're asking for they're voting against it? What reasons could they have? Hmmmmmm... Maybe they don't really want change, but control???!!! Think about that until my next venting session.... lol.... Buenas Noches...

Oh Shizz.... that reminds me... DID YOU KNOW I'M WHITE NOW??? Apparently, I am now "one of the hueras"... First they try to take our school and now they're taking away our nationality?!!!! Damn, they really are full of themselves. Mrs. Medina was one of the first parents I talked to about all this... and my name is still GUZMAN-ALVARADO... my parents were both born in Mexico. All of MY family has gone through the process of becoming citizens without the privilege of free lawyers. It's cost my husband and I thousands of dollars and several years and he still isn't a citizen.... We have another year and a half before our government will allow him to apply. You must be a resident for 4 years before you can apply for citizenship (well in our case anyway). Can't wait!!!..... So when you (you know who YOU are) have the nerve to stand there and tell me you're only doing this because they offered you FREE LAYWERS to help you with "your papers" and THIS IS WHAT YOU DO... I'm going to say something. Be glad I don't out you and only because this isn't what this is about.... Just knowing that is sickening. You guys claim you're doing this for the kids, but from day one I was hearing how everyone had their own agendas and reasons. Again, I didn't say or do anything because they hadn't done anything wrong.... YET... And when they did... BAM, IN YOUR FACE!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


First and foremost, I thank GOD for giving me the strength to do all we have done.  I put this in his hands from day one and give him all the glory.  We have prayed for what was best for our school and tonight we got it.

So, some know and some do not, but I will say it anyway..... WE DID IT!!!  Thank you to all the parents who let the district know this was never what they wanted.  We will continue moving forward with making REAL changes at our school!

Now.... After everyone had left, and they were all doing their interviews... WE were cleaning up our signs and papers and we noticed they left behind all their trash.  So, we picked it up for them.  Just so happens, we came across some of their paperwork and notes.  The following are words from THEIR OWN MOUTHS, written by ????, spoken by them. OH, OH, OH... We have the papers that were passed down and placed on the podium, with highlights, by the gentleman who was given the option to speak, who then refused and sat back down.  It's the LETTER INCLUDED WITH EVERY PETITION PACKET... From Desert Trails Parent Union... It sounds like no big deal, right?

First thing that caught my eye... This highlighted excerpt, quoted directly as written on the paper...

"Whether you join the Desert Trails Parent Union or not our commitment to you is that these big decisions, of whether to accept what we can achieve within the District or to go outside the District will be made by a vote of parents signing this petition."

Huh?  So what they're saying is... our commitment to you is that the decisions will be made by a vote of the petition signers?  I think that's what it says.  Remember, I quoted word for word, punctation for punctuation. So if you read this as is, does it make a whole lot of sense?  That was under the Petition #2 explanation.

Ok next..  "If we have signed agreements that will give our children the school they deserve then we will submit Petition #1.  If not we will be forced to submit Petition #2 to create the community charter school."  Sooooo.... if we can bully the District into giving into our demands, then we won't have to do it legitimately??  Forced?  If Petition #2 was their backup, why did they submit it first?  How are we to know that is what the PARENTS really wanted, if it was supposedly their backup??!! Their paperwork says they would be forced to submit Petition #2. What was the criteria for the ignoring Petition #1 all together?

And why keep saying community school?  So the parents who adamantly do not want a charter don't hear the word charter?  They said they were using the CHARTER LAW to get the Community School they want, but don't want a charter?!?!  Huh?  They say they don't want to bring in outsiders, so they brought in outsiders to keep other outsiders away... HUH?  So moving on to the next thing...

"Our school should be about our kid's needs not adult needs..." So a lawsuit to get what they want is about our kids needs??? Really? Wow.  Why can't they accept that the parents don't want this and work with us with to make real change at our school.  The change they keep insisting they want, but show nothing to suggest,  is already in place.  Why not work WITH the school to advance it even further.  How much more of their families' time will they sacrifice to pursue an expensive lawsuit to take more money and leave us with less resources than we already have???!!!

Ok, going to flip it for a second and give a testimonial from a parent I talked to. A parent whose husband attended the Parent Union meetings.  She explained to me how she went about making changes in her child's education.  When she realized her son's needs were not being met, she turned in all her volunteer paperwork submitted and got approved.  She went and had her fingerprints taken, had her application approved and then SAT IN HER KIDS CLASS!  She wanted changes and she made them happen by observing in her child's class and taking the proper steps to assure her child's needs were met and now they are.  This is a mother who doesn't speak any english.  She has a table set up near her kitchen so her children can work and ask questions and read... whatever they need of her, as well as a desk upstairs for working with them.  She knows we need changes, she's made some herself, but doesn't believe "starting over" is the answer.  She wants what we want... ALL OF THE PARENTS to have a voice and come together to work WITH our Principal, Teachers and Staff.  This is how we make REAL changes, by doing what we have to, FOR OUR KIDS, not taking more and more from them.

I haven't even touched on the pages and pages of script that were spoken (last night now).  And you know what... I want sleep.  I'm thankful the parents were heard.  Thank you all for your support and help!  We feel blessed to have had so much support in all of this and hope we continue working together for the better of our children.

PS.  We made ice cream in Mr. Carlson's class yesterday for my baby's birthday!!  And got to watch kids present their Apps to the class!  It was so much fun!  Adrian and Zinia are going to be so happy!  This birthday will mean even more to him now!!  Thank you all.  I apologize for any misspells I didn't catch... almost 2am... tired. Night.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Had to post the lyrics... LOVE THIS SONG!!!

Muse.... Uprising

Paranoia is in bloom,
The PR, transmissions will resume
They'll try to, push drugs that keep us all dumbed down
And hope that, we will never see the truth around
(So come on)

Another promise, another seed
Another, packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed
And all the, green belts wrapped around our minds
And endless red tape to keep the truth confined
(So come on)

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious
So come on

Interchanging mind control
Come let the, revolution takes its toll
If you could, flick the switch and open your third eye
You'd see that, we should never be afraid to die
(So come on)

Rise up and take the power back
It's time the, fat cats had a heart attack
You know that, their time's coming to an end
We have to, unify and watch our flag ascend
(So come on)

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious
So come on

Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious
So come on

Let's go ladies! Tomorrow should be exciting!!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What really happened on Friday...

I just wanted to clear the air as to what happened.. I'm sure by now there are different stories going around... So I will break it down in two parts... What happened on my side of the exit and on my hubby's side..

We (a few of the girls and I) were standing on the sidewalk talking, while Shelly gave flyers to people in cars. She handed one to a parent and "the women" from Parent Revolution, DTPU, Kids First... whatever their names are today... came over practically pushed her out of the way and gave the movie flyer to him and invited him to it. He was polite and said Thank You and then parked next to us. He got out and started telling us about his experience with Parent Revolution and the petitioners. He was so mad about how they told him one thing, but the petition said something totally different. They rushed over and started yelling and asking him questions.. By they I mean Joe Morales and "the women"... I laughed when Joe told him he was mistaken and the parent told him not to tell him he can't read stating "I read it from YOUR papers, that YOU left me!" He walked away and let "the women" handle it. As soon as they realzied he had made his own mind up and actually knew what he was talking about, they walked away. One lady stayed and asked him more questions, but don't know how much she really heard because she kept yelling at me about what I was saying and doing while he was talking...

Let me give you a little more background as to how the next part came about.... Starting Wednesday they started giving out their movie flyers and a few didn't have the nerve to pass us to hand them out so walked back and asked others to do it. Joe kept standing by us after school under the Desert Trails marquee talking about us and how we are lying.... blah blah blah. He doesn't scare me so I ignored him. Well on Thursday the other "women" who wouldnt walk by us before stood next to him also engaging in the bad mouthing... Remember all this while kids are getting out of school and waiting for their parents... Anyway, this intimidation tecnique didn't sit too well with my hubby. He got home just in time Friday morning to accompany us in getting our word out.

So while the other stuff was going on, this was happening on the other side of the street...

After Joe dropped his kid off, he started walking over towards us, then noticed my hubby and walked towards his van instead. Well after the parent told him that whole don't tell me I can't read thing, he was PISSED... He walked towards his van and my husband and my friend were laughing and he looked over and said What are you laughing at? My hubby goes "nothing but comedy" and this whole time "the women" are trying to calm him down (HE WAS IN THE SCHOOL PARKING LOT WITH KIDS STILL COMING TO SCHOOL), they were saying things like "Joe, my kids are in the car" and he'd respond "I don't care"... he then said "I'm thinking about taking this shirt off so I can get into a physical altercation and it won't count!" (his Parent Revolution shirt). So after debating whether or not to go towards my hubby and "the women" trying to calm him down he gets in his van and goes left at the exit. As he was turning left my hubby blew him a good-bye kiss and man did that piss him off even more. He yelled out What, you think I'm a faggot? Are you a faggot! .. Why the **** r u blowing kisses at me!... etc etc.. He busted an illegal U-turn in front of the school (this is rghht before Mr. Mobley got there) parked his van, went up to my hubby and and kept talking s**t... I was still on the other side talking to the parent who was upset so this is all from Karla and my hubby, but I guess Mr. Mobley calmed things down and he left. He came back into the school and continued to circle the parking lot and then I think he parked and went to meet with the rest of the Parent Revolution people at the park. They sure meet there a lot. I wonder how many permits they have for all their park meetings?

Anyway.... That's the lowdown.. Typed all this up yesterday, but hit save, save, save and it didn't save. I seem to be having that problem a lot lately. Ugh! Well See you later!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My "speech" at the board meeting...

So I wrote out my speech because I get a little nervous when speaking in public... and I decided to share most of it. I improvised while I was there, but it was all along the same lines...

Dear Members of the Board:

Many of you have seen me before fighting for my school and here I am again fighting for my school... Thank you for your time. I'd like to thank you for your time. I'd like to start by sharing a quote..."If you ignore your rights, they'll go away." My mom, just the other day, said to me, "You can't fight the government." I replied "Why not? I am fighting the government, for MY rights and my children's future rights."

Why should we just resign ourselves to accepting what our government decides for us. They aren't always right! And why shouldn't we fight back when we feel they chose wrong?" The Parent Empowerment Law, AKA The Parent Trigger Law, passed by ONE single vote... It was created by billionaires who then rushed to create organizations like Parent Revolution to enforce it. How did our school become a political playground for rich people who want to get richer?

I urge you, no beg you, to not allow them to use our school as a stepping stone for corporate takeover of our public education system. Currently, a group of parents are sending emails & letters, making phone calls and trying to create our own petition to send to the government, to try to put a pause, at the very least, on this law. ***Went on to state that it's too broad and needs to be looked at more carefully, etc*** We cannot be the example for what this law ends up being.

I know some of these parents that started and they have spent very little time in their own children's classroom.. Yes they spent a lot of time on campus, but not real time in the classroom. The only time that I know of that they went into classrooms was when Mr. Lewis created a group of parents to go into the classes to survey what was going on, but does five minutes here and there really tell you what is going on in a classroom? No, being in a class two or three times a day tells you what is going on... ***went on to talk about how I've been here since 2008 and have seen how little time they've actually spent in classes*** Some will say it's because they're not allowed to be on campus with younger children, but that didn't stop them before. It stops them from volunteering, but not from spending hours upon hours, days upon days, weeks upon weeks, do you get the picture yet?... on gathering signatures and planning how to take over the school? They can take their kids out at 10 o'clock at night to do this or are they able to find babysitters for THAT? Why weren't they spending all that time investing in their childs education?

Even with all my research and meetings with parents, I MAKE TIME EVERY DAY, to run the school yearbook department, volunteer in my childrens classes, eat dinner with my family, help my children with their homework, reading and projects. How will they find time to help their own kids, much less mine, when they will now have 100 more responsibilites? I can only imagine...

My point is... as much time as I've dedicated to the school, as much time as I have spent in classrooms, helping our children 1 on 1, I still don't think I can even begin to know how to run a classroom, much less a school.

What I want the board to know is the tactics they have used to intimidate and scare parents like... A statement from THEIR Parent Newsletter states: "It's also true that there are no removing signatures from the petition once it has been turned in"... from my understanding this is not true. From what I understand, if done correctly and following the correct legal procedures, they can be removed. So this would be a lie! **I think I left this out "I feel this is a scare tactic used to scare parents into NOT using their RIGHT to have their name removed. Since I am not a union member, I am not privvy to any information. I would like to know if they have printed a retraction in the same Newsletter form, sent to everyone as this was... I would like to share a few comments I have personally heard from parents at Desert Trails...***

People have been coming up to me asking me and telling me things like: How did they get my personal cell phone number? only the school has that number. THEY called me on it! How are they getting our personal information?!" I couldn't answer her. Maybe we should investigate THAT! Go on every computer, find out who was logging on where, who was printing what. What was being taken from our schools computers and who was doing it?!

Another parent told me his son was at home and a man kept going back and forth from the car to the door. His son was so scared that he called his dad, who rushed home, ran up to the door and asked him why he was stalking his house. He told him he needed to signs some papers and he told him he had already signed them. He told him there were more to sign. He told him not to come back again and a few days later someone else did. He told his wife to just deal with it and she signed just so they would stop coming back.

This is what they are doing to our familes... People are just signing so they would stop going to their houses. Other parents are fearful of retaliation or deportation being reminded by Desert Trails Parent Union and Parent Revolution has lawyers. ***Think I said something more about lawyers and money***

Many want to talk but are afraid. Please give these parents a voice! A group of parents have planned a meeting for Friday night. We would love for the Board to come hear these testimonies and many more. Please do not allow the fate of our school to be decided without hearing ALL SIDES. Thank You."

SO that was it.... after I spoke a few other parents who are helping me went up and spoke regarding the ski mask incident (one of the members of the steering committee showed up in a ski mask with his Parent Revolution shirt)... and Lori gave a good speech on how she feels... not GOOD... FREAKING AMAZING!! Loved it!!! We tried to sit through the rest of the meeting, but we had to get home and put our babies to bed.... Now I'm signing off because I have to get up in 6 hours to do some Carmen Electra "teach me how to strip" workout... LOL....

Friday, February 3, 2012


OK, I want to make it clear that when I am referring to people and parents in my blogs I am not referring to our parents at Desert Trails as a whole.... I am talking directly to the people who started a fight and SNUCK AROUND LYING TO EVERYONE ABOUT THEIR REAL INTENTIONS TO TAKE OVER OUR SCHOOL!!!! I hope you're ready to take me on because I'm one pissed off parent. A parent who knows her stuff inside and out!! I HAVE BEEN THE ONE WATCHING YOU TEAR APART OUR SCHOOL SINCE 2009!!! You couldn't get what you wanted through the PTA so you went HERE!!! This was the next step!!! And I know ONE OF YOU knows for a FACT how they ruined our school.... How the hell did they convince you THIS WAS THE RIGHT THING!!!!

All I know is I'm not letting this go down without a REAL FIGHT!!! You've been really lucky until this point.... no one has said a word!! Guess what... I WOKE UP FROM A LONG SLEEP, DID A SHIT LOAD OF RESEARCH, I'M PISSED THE F*CK OFF AND I'M GOING TO GET THE FACTS OUT TO EVERYONE WHO WILL LISTEN!!! I have been fortunate enough that God is sending parents TO ME!!! I'm not even looking for these parents and they are telling me what is going on and it's ridiculous!!!! CHECK THIS OUT:

**They came banging on my door at 10 o'clock at night. My son, thinking something might have happened, opened the door and they started telling him that I had FORGOTTEN to sign some papers and they needed them RIGHT AWAY...**

**They sat outside my house, stalking it, until my son called me scared saying some man was just watching our house. I rushed home and ran up to the car and asked him Why are you stalking my house!? he said I NEEDED to sign some papers. When I told him I had already signed them he said there were more and I told him not to come back... They came back a few days later and my wife answered and signed just so they would stop coming**

**They told me they wanted to fix the water fountains, get more security on the playground, better equipment... things WE ALL WANT FOR OUR SCHOOL. But NEVER told me we could become a charter**

These are just SOME of the comments I am hearing from just a few of the parents... There are LOTS AND LOTS more just like this. Every time a parent asked them to stay away they came back again.... How much you wanna bet they had a handy dandy list of who had signed the CHARTER petition and who had signed the first petition to make sure they had the same people to go to for the second one and then continue to HARRASS them until they finally got tired of them coming by!! THIS IS WHAT THEY have brought into OUR COMMUNITY!!!!! Are we going to sit by and let a handful of people who are POWER HUNGRY come in and say THEY KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR OUR CHILDREN!! They didn't do their research and now that they are hearing FACTS they never heard before they don't know what to do....


It's sooooooooooooooo frustrating to see this happening at our school and I will not stand by and watch them destroy not only our school, but our community!!! This is divinding our families and our children!! And GUESS WHAT... IF IT HAPPENS HERE.... IT CAN HAPPEN ANYWHERE IN THE STATE... Our childrens public schools are NO LONGER SAFE!!!


I can't wait to see their faces when they see what I am capable of!!! Your problem is you don't think I CAN THINK BIG ENOUGH!!! You would be wrong... YOUR PROBLEM IS YOU DON'T THINK BIG ENOUGH... See, I will fight our government to change this law! I will join every group that is against Parent Revolution and see this law be seen for WHAT IT IS!!! AN ATTEMPT FOR BILLIONAIRES TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF OUR KIDS BY TAKING A FREE BUILDING AND TURNING IT CHARTER... BAM NOW THEY ARE GETTING PAID TO OVERCROWD YOUR KID!!! ONE CLASS FOR ALL SPECIAL NEEDS AND ELA KIDS!!! That's what they did at the TWO schools in Compton and when they could NO LONGER ACCOMMODATE THEM THEY OUTSOURCED THEM TO OTHER CITIES!!


Do you realize there is NO LAW TO PROTECT US FROM THEM SHUTTING DOWN OUR SCHOOL IF IT IS NOT PROFITABLE ENOUGH!!! You probably don't!! WHAT DO YOU KNOW? What THEY have told you??? lol......

INSTEAD OF SPENDING ALL YOUR TIME HELPING MAKE RICH PEOPLE RICHER, WHY DON'T YOU MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE IN YOUR CHILDS LIFE BY SPENDING YOUR TIME WITH YOUR CHILDREN.... WHAT A F*CKING CONCEPT!! The funny thing about all this.... I would see them tell their kids wait, wait, go over there, wait, I'm busy.... all while pushing their TAKEOVER AGENDA!!! Funny right!!! Too busy to see what your kid needs over and over again... BUT NOT TOO BUSY TO DRAG THEM AROUND TO COLLECT SIGNATURES LATE AT NIGHT!!! Wow.... These are the parents who want to run our school... Sad, sad, sad!!!

Let me give you a rundown of my week: I've had 4 recess yearbook meetings, two afterschool yearbook meetings, four or more (i can't remember anymore) planning meetings, did TONS AND TONS of research, volunteered at my kids school... those are just of a few that I can think of at five in the morning... especially since I've been up since 3 and doing MORE RESEARCH and not sleeping... ANYWAY... I've managed to do all that... AND STILL: Sit down for family dinners, watch my daughter in her second concert last night... First one this year though... worked with my kids on their homeworks and projects, managed to get my house picked up, have family fun nights, almost catch up on my bible readings (we are doing a year of reading through the entire bible... I'm only one week behind), my friend and I decided to join RELAY FOR LIFE (a relay to raise funds for cancer *which my dad passed away from*)... AND THE TV AND VIDEO GAMES HAVE NOT BEEN TURNED ON ONCE!!!! I'm sure there's more we did.. like family grocery shopping.. family reading night... but too tired... starting to yawn... but seriously...... Please, Please, Please give me a rundown of YOUR week!!

I'm just constantly walking around and waking up to the thought: SERIOUSLY!!!! The less sleep I get, the more I'm educated... Sounds weird, but they are making me lose so much freaking sleep!!!! My brain does not want to stop planning how to get the facts out to the parents!!! AND I WILL... ANY AND EVERY WAY I POSSIBLY CAN!!!