Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So I was outside the school today giving my flyers to a friend, who happened to be standing next to another parent... He asked what I was handing her and I said "some newspaper articles." She said "on parent revolution". I asked him if he would like some and he held his hand out and I gave him some. He then asks "Good or Bad?" and she says "bad"... He proceeds to ask me "why?" so I proceed to let him know what I have found in my research... and after about a minute he hands my papers back to me... I say "Thank You" and walk away.... I never looked back but overheard him saying something about harrassment.... if he was talking about me.... heres what i have to say to him: ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! Do you even know the definition of harrassment.... Did I come knocking on YOUR DOOR SPOUTING A BUNCH OF RICH PEOPLE BULLSHIT??!!! You asked me for information and after I try to educate you you say I AM HARRASSING YOU!!!! Take a real part in your childs education by educating yourself instead of being one of the cattle just following because it sounds good! DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND I WOULDN'T HAVE TO SPEND SO MUCH TIME TRYING TO EDUCATE YOU!! And I'm helping in your kids class.... even if you don't know it because I help ALL THE TEACHERS not just my own. I hear their struggles and how hard it is for them to help 30 students when 3 need them to take 20 breaks to tell them to do what they are supposed to be doing... Why aren't you in there helping the class with THAT PROBLEM!!! (THIS WAS A STATEMENT TOWARDS ALL OF YOU PARENTS WHO DON'T KNOW ALL THE FACTS AND JUST BELIEVE WHAT THEY ARE TOLD and have never been in a classroom other than on PTC DAYS AND OPEN HOUSES..... BUT STILL HAVE THE NERVE TO SAY YOU KNOW WHAT GOES ON!!) If you are one of the ones who have said you regret signing that petition PLEASE call the SUPERINTENDANTS OFFICE at the district and ask them to remove your name becuase you know better now!! All they need is your name. Stop being afraid to do what is right and instead be there for your kid. DO NOT GIVE OUR SCHOOL OVER TO THE RICH PEOPLE WHO WANT TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF OUR KIDS!!!!!! Most of the people asking you to sign the petition have spent so little time in their own kids class they couldn't tell you what goes on in it... and yet they think they can run our school??? OR EVEN KNOW WHAT GOES ON IN IT!!! Yes, they were part of the PTA... and they QUIT BECAUSE OF ALL THE PROBLEMS THEY CAUSED OUR PTA... Doreen once said that her children SHOULD get free stuff from the fundraiser people because of how much time she puts into volunteering there! REALLY!!!! Thats being there for ALL THE KIDS???? Think about this.... When this all first started they told parents they were withdrawing from the PTA so as not to cause more problems... I read a news article where DOREEN herself said PTA told them to choose between Parent Revolution and PTA... which is it??? You can't have it both ways... Its how they have been maniulating everyone.. Making themselves look like they tried everything at our school.... TRY VOLUNTEERING IN YOUR KIDS CLASS AND WORKING WITH THEM WHEN THEY GET HOME!!! Just because you walked around giving out presents and holding meetings and occassionally an event doesn't make you an active participant IN YOUR OWN CHILDS EDUCATION... OR ANYONE ELSES FOR THAT MATTER.... And while we're on the subject.... Remind me again how MUCH THESE TEACHERS HAVE PERSONALLY HELPED YOUR CHILDREN and how you have no problem attacking them!!!! Then brag about what you have done? You Go to their meetings and demand they work with you or you won't hold any more PTA events??? That's what you call trying to work with them??? And being there for the kids??? I remember because I was there when all this started... PTA that is.... I was the one asking we following bylaws and guidelines and all I got was "Mr foster said its okay so we're gonna do it." Mr foster wasn't the one in charge of how PTA is run!! That's why they have their own bylaws. And you had NO PROBLEM NOT OBEYING THE LAW WHEN IT APPLIED TO YOU, BUT NOW WANT THE LAW TO BACK YOU IN GIVING YOU CONTROL.... Which is hilarious in itself!!! You REALLY THINK these millionares (Im' sorry they call themselves philanthropists because its makes it sound like they want nothing back and they're giving from the goodness of their hearts) don't want ANYTHING IN RETURN FOR THE MILLIONS THEY'RE GIVING AUSTIN???!!! LMMFAO!!!!! HE JUST GOT KICKED OFF THE SCHOOL BOARD AND IS NOW ATTACKING THE PARENT OF MCKINLEY WHO DIDN'T BACK HIM AND HIS ATTEMPT TO TAKE OVER THEIR SCHOOL!!! Big Ups to that PTA for standing for what was right and not letting them take your school from you!!! ANd now he's throwing a tantrum and talking crap because he didnt' get what he wants!! LMMFAOA!!! Since when do you know rich people and politicians to want nothing for their investments.... Why did they open Celerity group... If they hadn't they would have had to admit failure.... And now they're desperate and using our school to get what they want.... HEre you go: Think about this for a minute... Why is CHARTER SCHOOL an option on the petition IF THEY CAN GUARANTEE GIVING YOU POWER OF THE SCHOOL... WHy put it on there if it's not what you want AT ALL???? BECAUSE IT'S WHAT THEY WANT!! Ok... here's my next point.... WHy not just build new schools for people to have the coice to go to or do what others do... lease a building somwhere to put the school... Invest in that... why spend millions to lawyer up and "help parents get control back OR CREATE A CHARTER SCHOOL" It's WAY MORE PROFIT IF THEY ALREADY HAVE THE SCHOOL AVAILABLE TO THEM THEN IT'S NO COST TO THEM AT ALL!!! The billionaires and politicians don't give a shit about our school but if they don't produce a real win soon their PARENT TRIGGER LAW (renaimed after it worked in other states from PARENT EMPOWERMENT ACT ... funny when that didn't work they went to something that did!) will prove to be ineffective.... DESPERATE!!! THEY CREATED THE LAW.... NOT PARENTS!!!! It was always a way for them to start privatizing schools to make money off of them... That's why it's a good investment... otherwise what do they stand to gain... Why are the people helping you PAID and TRAINED HOW TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS TO AVOID ANYTHING NEGATIVE... Of course they showed you all the negative press... so they would have the upper hand and you wouldn't feel lied to.. and so they can spin it any way they want and you would get defensive... It's manipulation any way you look at it... They provide you with all the research you think you need and YOU don't bother to do any more... you feel satisfied with what they tell you because of how pretty it all sounds.... WAKE THE F*CK UP!!!! I'm so glad I can think for myself and don't need others to think for me.... This isn't against any one personal becasue individually I don't know your stories, but if you don't educate yourself fully how can you believe there's nothing else out there? Anyway, I'm kinda tired now.... Its exhausting trying to figure out how so many people believed what they were told instead of questioning and asking WHY AREN'T THEY HOLDING PUBLIC MEETINGS? Why don't they want to answer questions... What's wrong with verifying signatures.... it's how our government is run... what makes you or I any better at a school level... We have to account for EVERY SIGNATURE ON EVERY PEICE OF PAPER AT ANY POINT IN TIME WE ARE ASKED.... As a matter of fact.. IT IS AGAINST THE LAW to NOT carry identification with you at all times!! WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO HIDE?!!! WHAT DOES PARENT REVOLUTION HAVE TO HIDE??? Why doesn't the public get a say? It's a community issue then why wERE DESESRT TRAILS PARENTS SINGLED OUT... They're attacking not just the school but the district... DID YOU CANVASS THE ENTIRE DISTRICT POPULATION??? Funny how NO ONE CAME KNOCKING ON MY DOOR!!! I would have loved to asked their **hmmm hmmm* paid "helpers" a few questions of my own... They didn't want problems so I was avoided because they knew they weren't getting my signature... Ugh... I said I was tired but guess not... Alright it's 12:46pm and I have to head back to make a REAL DIFFERENCE In the Desert Trails Students lives.... YEARBOOK 2011-2012 here I come!!! Thank you and Goodbye... lol

Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm irritated beyond belief right now!!!

I'm so irritated.... mostly that I can't sleep over this stupid topic.... PARENT REVOLUTION... those two freaking words make me so sick to my stomach nowadays!!!  I actually created a blog just so I can rant about them!!! I spent hours doing research on them and their contributors and I can't believe how naive some people can be.... ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!  I truly believe that if most of the people that have fallen to being pawns on rich peoples chess boards had read even one article regarding who these people are and where they really come from our school would not be in the state it is now....

What is it you have accomplished?  Other than tear apart the relationships between the parents and teachers?  I'm so glad I saw right through the lies and crap they were feeding the parents.... And the sadder part is that they have had no shame in passing on those lies without a shred of research of backup!!!!  I read so many articles regarding the people involved and the truths about them and their organization and it makes me sick!!!  Why would you join these people is taking away our free education to make them even richer!!!!

I read this and I completely agree with this statement.....

But giving the current parents the power to close the school or to hand it over to a private management company is akin to saying that whoever uses any public facility should have the same power, the power to transfer control to a private entity. It means if those who use Central Park in Manhattan don't like the way the city of New York takes care of it, they should be able to sign a petition and privatize it. If a majority of those who patronize a national park sign a petition, they should be able to hand control of the park over to private managers. This makes no sense.

Heres more from an article....

But consider who created the Parent Trigger. The promoter of the legislation was a group called Parent Revolution, which is funded by charter school operators (it has some affiliation with Green Dot, whose chief executive officer sits on the board of Parent Revolution) and by venture philanthropists (including the Broad Foundation, the Gates Foundation, the Wasserman Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, and the Walton Family Foundation). Its executive director, Ben Austin, a lawyer, was appointed by Gov. Schwarzenegger to California's state board of education (and removed by Gov. Jerry Brown when he took office in 2011).
Parent Revolution is what is known as an "Astroturf" group (Astroturf refers to apparently grassroots-based citizen groups or coalitions that are primarily conceived, created and/or funded by corporations, industry trade associations, political interests or public relations firms), an organization pretending to be representative of ordinary parents, but actually promoting a charter agenda.

The shakeup on the board, one that removes Austin and his ‘ilk’ means that vocal proponents of radical educational de-forms such as the “parent trigger” (a privately funded law by Green Dot and the mastermind of Austin), will be absent from the new board of education. This might be the first shot in the battle to draw the lines on public versus private education and it will signal to other states that faux groups such as Parent Revolution and Green Dot ‘private schools’ are no longer wanted within educational circles. This could all be good news for working people struggling to assure that a decent public education is provided to students and that teachers, the front line workers in an effort to educate children, will not acceed this debate to Bill Gates and his ‘poodle’ Austin nor any other privatizers looking to make a buck off of our kids.

I'm sorry, but what do we get from allowing rich people to run our schools.  Do you actually believe that these people are going to give you control of what they are investing in? 

Like I said, it's freaking hilarious how ignorant most of you are!!!  What really happened in Compton?  What happened was... when they didn't get what they wanted so they made it look like they did.... What happened was that Austin (Mr. Parent Revolution himself) got Celerity (a charter school organization) to open a charter school a few blocks away... LMAO!!!! And only 33% of the parents actually moved their children there... What happened to all those other parents that said they wanted that for their kids??? What did they win?  Nothing.... and guess what... those of you with special needs children.... You won't be going to our school anymore.... charters don't HAVE TO take special needs children... and most of them don't!!!

What I want to know is why everything had to be done so secretively... Why no public meetings where parents can ask questions to those running things... BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT QUESTIONS ASKED... they can manipulate a few group of parents to do their dirty work, but wont hold public meetings to allow those to be fully educated and have the opportunity to ask anything that would shed light to their real agenda?  People... stop being freaking muses to the rich people... Don't you know they will find any way they can to make money off of you.... Do you really believe they are spending millions to help you and want nothing in return... Why don't they just give those millions of dollars to the schools to help with budget cuts and reduced staff... Because they don't really give a crap about our schools... they do give a crap about making money which is why THEY CREATED THE TRIGGER LAW to begin with!!! 

UGH!!!!!!  It doesnt' matter how many times I try to explain to these parents that they're being used.... people don't like hearing they've been used much less admit it... it's easier to keep doing what they've been doing so they don't look stupid!!!  Oh you feel stupid when Parent Revolution goes down.. They're using you so they don't get shut down.  Rich people don't like feeling stupid or like they're wasting their money and as of right now Parent Revolution has done NOTHING but waste who knows how much of our taxpayer money to fight them in court... Rich people are spending too much on something that they are seeing no return on so they're desperate to show the rich people that they can make them money before they get shut down as another failed rich people project...

THEY, unlike us, don't worry about their kids education cuz they go to RICH schools... They need to find ways to make money and taking away our free education is one way... DO YOU KNOW THAT STATISTICALLY ONLY ONE IN FIVE CHARTER SCHOOLS SUCCEED!!! ONE IN FIVE!!!


Tell me this.... How many of you logged in hours IN YOUR KIDS classroom last year... or the year before...

The people running these parents are the same parents who screwed up our PTA!!!!  Our PTA is being investigated because of some of the women who started this.... They are the ones who REFUSED to follow district and PTA bylaws to suit THEIR OWN NEEDS! and as soon as sign of trouble was presented.. THEY RESIGN and leave the parents who are REALLY there for the kids to clean up their mess.... After this year there will be NO PTA because of what they did!!!  And THESE ARE THE WOMEN WHO ARE CONVINCING OUR PARENTS TO GIVE THEM CONTROL???  which is another hilarious thing in itself... DO they really think THEY will have control of the school..... lmao again.... the rich people decide that... most of you won't be allowed into their schools!!!!

Ok, I think I've ranted enough... Oh wait.. I never finished my thoughts on how MOST OF YOU HAVE NEVER SPENT MORE THAN A COMBINED TOTAL OF ONE HOUR IN YOUR CHILDS CLASSROOM!!!  I'm sorry but being on the PTA and running around campus doesn't make you a part of YOUR CHILDS education....  I know what goes on in my childrens classes because I'm there... I don't assume to know what goes on from heresay... Most of you can't even say that!!!  Over the years that I have been here I have seen the things go on and the sad thing is you guys say YOU TRIED EVERYTHING!!!   You have the nerve to say you tried working with the school.... WHEN???  Please tell me the date and time you sat down with teachers to discuss what was best for your children... Or WHEN you gave the district an opportunity to fix our school... which I believe they HAVE BEEN TRYING TO DO BY GIVING US NEW PRINCIPALS LIKE WE ASKED.... What is it that you have fought for ... BEFORE PARENT REVOLUTION.... that they didn't listen to??  And if the district doesn't do what YOU want then you must overtake it???  WTF!!!! WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE!!!!

I'm not even done but starting to get tired so I'm taking this opportunity to sleep cuz TRUST ME... I have plenty more to say!!!

I apologize for spelling and grammar errors... its late and i'm pissed and those of you who know me know I would never knowingly post anything with mispells or grammar errors.... and with that... GOODNIGHT YA'LL!!!