Thursday, March 8, 2012

This is getting ridiculous!!!

Seriously, when do these parents plan on doing something good for a change!! Instead of doing what they need to do for our school, they went out and got MORE PETITIONS signed!! Ok, guess what? We have more rescissions!! People ARE PISSED. They feel lied to and betrayed! Again, they state every petition signer knew what they were signing. THEN WHY DID WE GET SO MANY STATEMENTS stating THEY NEVER ONCE TOLD ME I WAS SIGNING A PETITION FOR A CHARTER, ONLY SOMETHING TO MAKE THE SCHOOL BETTER.. You want to hear something interesting... Many of their "stories" about what has happened at our school sounds A LOT like the same stories that came out of Compton. Is it ironic that we had many new students at our school from Compton? I think not, but that's just me. This all started at the end of the last school year so I am not surprised that some Compton parents are a part of this.

I have been at our school since 2008 and most of these parents saying they want change haven't even been here ONE FULL SCHOOL YEAR!! They ask how we got so many rescissions in so little time... GUESS WHAT.... PEOPLE HATE BEING LIED TO!!! One parent I spoke with last night explained to me how she wanted to sign a rescission after learning from her next-door-neighbor that she had signed a petition to turn the school into a charter. She says to me I feel stupid for believing what they told me. They said they wanted to make changes like more computers and tv's because the teachers had to share them, etc... They never once said it was for a charter school. So manipulations like this, how can ANY petition be considered valid? This is from a parent not afraid to speak up, imagine the ones that were offered bribes of citizenship to sign. I wish we could get our parents to speak out against this injustice! THEY will do everything they can to get what they want, they have proved that with the way they ran their campaign.... We don't want a charter school, but we will sue if you don't give us one... Hmmmmm, wonder why people question their motives. They never even tried to get the first one pushed through... They believe it's because their legal advised them it was a strategic move because of time contraints, but I believe it's a MUCH BIGGER AGENDA to privatize education and make money off our poor communities... what time contstraints? The ones that would let them open Desert Trails Academy THIS YEAR (the website says: "Desert Trails Academy ("DTA") intends to open in September 2012 with approximately 668 students..."). That number is WAY exaggerated. They are ASSUMING ALL WILL RETURN!!! None of the parents opposed to this will be there and MANY who signed rescissions have stated they don't want to be around "these people" who did this to our community and will transfer their kids to ANOTHER SCHOOL IN THE DISTRICT... So this number is GREATLY exaggerated.

Holy Moly I just had Deja Vu.... Lol, well as usual, I won't allow ANYONE to stop me in doing what is right. Last nights' meeting with Mr. Mobley was productive and we can't wait to get started on real changes at our school with people who WANT to make them. They will claim that if they hadn't ran their campaign changes would not have been made, but that IS SO UNTRUE! The truth is there were things in play, before all this started, to better the school. If these parents had put as much effort into helping our school as they have into their charter school takeover, maybe our API would not have stayed low for so long...

Riddle me this: Our last principal, Larry Lewis, (who sits on the board of Kids First) said this (as reported in the Washington Post on March 5th) “Adelanto is known as the armpit of the high desert,” said Lewis, who resigned in October for health reasons. “And Desert Trails is the armpit of Adelanto.” Wow, this is a person who RAN OUR SCHOOL!!! I thought he wanted good for our school, but its very clear he sees us as lowlifes!!! How sad that our school had someone with this mentality. No wonder our school has had 3 principals. One who didn't care about anything and another who saw us like this! What REAL good was he trying to do... Or was he just preparing for this? I say this... Know why? Because at almost EVERY Coffee with the Principal he talked about charter schools and how our district could turn our school into one if they wanted to. I kept asking, why are we talking about charters instead of how we are going to raise our API and give these kids the school and education they deserve?!

And I'm not speaking of mine because my son is Top 5 in his GATE projects class, had the highest selling App in his class and is getting at least one award today. My daughter is way ahead in second grade. Her math teacher has told us how impressed she is that when she started her class she already knew multiplication. She received two awards the other day.. One for Language Arts and the other in Math. We are teaching her how to read cursive now so she gets used to seeing the letters.

So what can we do as parents to help our kids.... VOLUNTEER!!! I've been doing this since my son was in preschool. Why is it so complicated? If you take an active part in your childs school, THEY see the importance of education. Most schools that have active parent volunteers do well. When the parents support the teachers and the school, real changes get made. Now that parents are working with the school we can do what is necessary to improve. Our principal is FANTASTIC and hope he gets the opportunity to do what he wants. That is if the parents don't stop him. With them looking for a Founding Principal of their new academy, looks like he may not. Yet another hinderance in improving our school... THE RIGHT WAY.

Ok, gotta get back to "work".. Funny thing, a parent asked me yesterday if I worked for the school. I said I work for the school every day, I just don't get paid for it... Lol. When a Parent Revolution parent attacked us and insinuated what we are doing is wrong I stated "I know what goes on here... I volunteer at the school 4 days a week." She said "Do you work?" and I said "No, I do not." She replied, "Well then you should be here 5 days." REALLY!! I NEVER SEE YOU AT ANY SCHOOL FUNCTION, IN YOUR KIDS CLASS, IN PTA MEETINGS, SCHOOL MEETINGS OR DOING ANYTHING AT ALL TO HELP OUR KIDS and you have the nerve to stand there and tell me I'M NOT DOING ENOUGH!!! I am running the Journalism Department at our school, teaching the kids how to create a yearbook (which THEY are creating, NOT I) and you think I DON'T DO ENOUGH!!! Take a look at the parents running YOUR GROUP... They say they CAN'T VOLUNTEER, I still have not received an answer from them as to why.. Other than "we can't be on campus because we can't bring our younger ones on campus" So you can watch each others kids to harass the crap out of the parents, but can't do it so you can be in your kids classes to help educate them!?! Wow!!! Just to prove a point I'm going to throw this in there... MY HUSBAND JUST GOT PROMOTED TO MANAGER AT HIS COMPANY AND HE HAS VOLUNTEERED MORE HOURS THAN ALL OF THESE PARENTS DOING THIS.. He went through the process, as he has every year, to get approved, requested a morning off to get his Live Scan and is at his kids school as much as he can be. He was with me all morning yesterday helping me with yearbook and volunteering in our kids classes. Even when the teachers don't have much for me to do, I still sit and observe!! If my husband, who has no set schedule, but works days, nights, afternoons and from his cell phone all day, can spend his spare time doing what he needs to for our kids... WHY CAN'T THEY!!!

Ok, I really gotta get going now. My poor hubby just got home and he's ironing the kids clothes so I can' wrap this up... Then we have to get ready to go watch our baby boy get an award... as well as take pictures of the assembly for the yearbook! Enjoy your day!

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